12:00 Girona FC – Zaragoza

For these two teams has 5 more rounds until the end for the other teams at 4, Girona is currently third in the standings with one point less than Gijon and if this gets skipped and will be in a place that takes in example it would be the first participation of Girona in this range, fest will be at the stadium and ticket prices were reduced for this game, Zaragoza is currently 6 to the table in a place that leads the playoffs with 3 points more than a companion and Mecom less, I am of Ponferradina, which has the same number of matches.
What we are is a lot of interest for this game that meeting:
14/12/14 SED Girona Zaragoza 2: 1 (pass)
04/27/14 SED Girona Zaragoza 2: 0
11/24/13 SED Girona Zaragoza 1: 0
04/04/09 SED Girona Zaragoza 1: 0
01/11/08 SED Girona Zaragoza 1: 0
As for the absence of Girona no more band that I can see in the last weeks, all are important here.
Zaragoza missing Leandro Cabrera 33/0, Lolo 19/0,

As for the form, Girona in an excellent 4 straight wins, Zaragoza is solid.
All pulls at 1 here, but carefully with a pair.

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