11:15 Luca Vanni – Andrey Golubev

Vanni vs Golubev

Kazakhstan play great in this qualifications, in 1st round against Moriya easy victory 6:1 6:2 in the 2nd round 6:4 6:4 against Viola,only two BL for Viola.

Vanni much harder in the first round after nearly 4 hours of fighting got Ungur 16:14 in 3th set. In 2nd round got Fabiano after losing 1st set … so we have a player who is in the last 2 days almost 6 hours of play and the player who is a bit more 2 hours spent on the ground .

I think Golubev is higher quality player and if he continues with games from the first two rounds he will win and tommorow. Good Luck!

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