06:00 Uzbekistan U20 – Honduras U20

Honduras u20 – Uzbekistan u20 (neutral venue, New Zealand)
1 June

Honduras u20 doing an excellent job since Jimenez is in charge, he lead some of these players to top 8 in 2013 u17 championship. They managed to qualify for this championsip after beating Guatemala in play-offs. SInce then they made some more games, that means of course more practice with team and they managed wins over Qatar u20, Uzbekistan u23 and top tier team Brazil u20 also! I also like that there players have been given much more playtime in their clubs, compared to Uzbeks, also they have quite strong attacking line with biggest star Rochez up front (who scored 20 goals in 2013/2014 Honduras championsip, being 2nd top scorer then).
I do not rate Uzbeks as the better team, even though as individuals they have better name. However, I find them as a quite inconsistent team and i believ public is overreacting to their traditions in junior cups. Some players who reached 2013's 1/4 finals are still here but the new team overall looks worse imo.

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