04:30 Golden State Warriors – Memphis Grizzlies

Tonight we will have perhaps the best game in this series and in my opinion this is the most important game if Golden State gets 99% of the winner of this series if Memphis takes will have an excellent opportunity to their hall pass to the finals of the West konferencije.Prošli match is interesting for reasons as Zach Randolph to defeat the blowout played only 31 minutes collected 11 rebounds and had 12 points, 11 rebounds, these gathered speed and was not playing nearly the entire 4 / 4.Zach Randolph machines on both ends, Gasol he builds a toy he buys the remains, the defensive has regularly by 6-7 rebounds, and the attack against the Green knows sometimes fine to the bay with its Masnata goose that had gathered in one attack 2 rebounds, expect the game with a lot of brick because, Memphis must play an extra defense and in so you could see a lot of missed shots, which means that the chances of jumps growth. In this series, Zach Randolph is averaging 8.8 rebounds per game and tonight I see him again over 10 rebounds and a new double-double performance.

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