03:30 Houston Rockets – LA Clippers

There are two main reasons because I play this. The first is Paul and his injuries. I personally expect them on the floor but about 20 minutes. Too important a player for the Clippers to these and potentially forcing losses on long time. If there is common sense in the Clippers, and I think it has, then it will now take a break and he will be back on Wednesday in the second game. even if Paul and play again would not change anything for another reason. It is emotionally draining. Every athlete or someone who played a sport has experienced it. Clippers are mined 7 matches to finally kicked Spurs and this is the victory celebrated a very emotional on their part. I am sure you are horny but the Rockets do not give them much chance. Rockets after five games with Dallas probably drank beer in front of the TV and cheered that series Clippers-Spurs went away and they got their wish. are much more rested, fresher and I am sure are ready for this match. my view is that if you see that the Clippers are not going to be easy to lay down their arms and take a break griffin, Barnes, Reddick and other important players. Griffin has played an average of 41 minutes in those 7 games, reddick 39 and Paul 40. I am convinced that today's match will be emotionally draining for the Clippers and will quite easily fall. a chance to ask for 2 days and the rest of the series, but today I think I have absolutely no chance.

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