02:00 Tampa Bay Lightning – New York Rangers

Of a total of three games at home in a duel against the Lightning, New York Rangers players were twice defeated. This latest defeat could cost you for Rangers because the Lightning now need only one more victory to qualify for the grand finale. Although in the fourth match away to Rangers overran Lightning 1: 5, in the last match they lost at home, so Tampa again took the lead in the series.

The away victory at Rangers last away game gives hope that the same could happen again this time. However, the Lightning will now certainly much more serious and cautious to enter the next game. Guests will be under greater pressure because they should not lose. Lightning is at home in the playoffs this season, losing four times. Detroit was better in two games, while a defeated Montreal and New York Rangers. Although the Lightning because of home field advantage and the lead in the series, I will look for a surprise and play to win yet because that would defeat the Rangers completed the challenge.

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