02:00 Chicago Blackhawks – Anaheim Ducks

Of a total of five games as they played Chicago and Anaheim in the Western Conference finals, four-time winner is decided by one goal difference, and three times they played overtime. What is particularly interesting is that the previous two results were identical. First Chicago after extra time beat Anaheim 5:4, and then the same result, and again after the extra time, this time Anaheim beat Chicago. After five games Ducks lead with 3:2 in the series

Chicago's attack again played a great game, but the defense once again was at the top level. Neither goalkeepers were not overly mood in the final game. Goalkeeper Chicago Andersen had 24 defense, while his colleague Crawford recorded a defense less. Chicago in the game must not be lost because it meant the end of the competition. They have lost only one game this season in the playoffs, and it just from Anaheim. Although the Ducks a great team that is very easy, but after six games, could provide a finale, we slight advantage in this meeting giving Chicago that really plays well in front of their fans.

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