PICTURE – Stoke Striker Takes a Swipe at Liverpool Star

Raheem Sterling Liverpool European Golden Boy AwardLiverpool are keen to keep star playmaker Raheem Sterling at Anfield for long term but the England international has not agreed a contract yet.
Various reports have been going around in the media about the high wages the 20 year old is rejecting as he probably looks to exit the club.
Daily Mail reported few days ago that Raheem Sterling rejected a contract worth 100,000 pounds a week from Liverpool even when he has scored fewer goals than Stoke striker Jonathan Walters.
Walters took the opportunity and had a swipe at Liverpool star as he tweeted with a funny picture.

“Not happy with this…..! I’m going in. I want at least 120k”

Sterling has scored 6 league goals for the merseysiders this season so far while Walters has netted 7 times for the Stoke. His demands make sense eh. May be Sterling should get his head straight and stop thinking that he is anyway near as important or as good as Luis Suarez.

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  1. IAN says:

    Sterling needs to get his head out of wherever it is, stop listening to the garbage he is being fed and come back down to earth. Yes he is an important part of the team but he is not the whole team. He is not indispensable or irreplaceable, the sooner he realizes this the better. Like the example showed, Walters has even scored more and is not making such ridiculous demands. You want any hope of these kind of wages Sterling, then you need to step up, make a bigger, more concerted effort, score more goals and show not only the manager but the owners as well that you are worth the investment and you can do it on a more consistent basis and you may have a case. Until then, all you have is talk. Liverpool does not need talkers, they need doers!

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