DONE DEAL – How Man United will Line up with $28m Star

Roberto Firmino HoffenheimManchester United’s search for an attacking playmaker may as well be over if reports are anything to go by.
According to reports, Manchester United have sealed the deal to sign Hoffenheim attacker Roberto Firmino for $28m Star. The agreement has been reached between two clubs for the star to move in the summer transfer window.
The question now, how will Manchester United line up with the Samba star.
United have been successful using lone striker system under Van Gaal and it is likely that the Dutch manager will now persist with the setup.
The Old Trafford club already have world class playmakers in the form of Mata and Di Maria and even though Argentine has been inconsistent, United must keep him, give him time as he is top quality.
Firmino has mainly played as the central attacking midfielder for the German club and at times as secondary striker or central forward when needed. Hence, he should play behind the striker for the Red Devils as well.
Here is how Man United will line up with Roberto Firmino.

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  1. DanToose says:

    Multiple things here don’t make sense:
    1) Smalling – He’s easily been the best defender this year for United by a mile, yet you leave him out.
    2) Fellaini – As a DM… We’ve seen this doesn’t work, and that’s not how LvG plays him at all.
    3) Loss of height up front – Connected to the Fellaini issue, but Firmino isn’t quite 6′ tall, which would make things really tough for direct play and holding up the ball.
    Top player, and most of the formation you’ve shown is workable, but those 3 issues are sticking points.

  2. Utdfan says:

    Jones out to be replaced by Hummel, right back can still use Rafael when fit or Valencia. Rooney can be replaced by Falcao who has better movement and talent but only weak point is that he is presently weak in holding the ball up field.

  3. Raymond says:

    Rafael/Clyne Hummel/Smalling Rojo/Laporte Shaw/Blind
    Mata/Depay Herrera/Gundogan Carrick/Strootman Di’Maria/Young
    Firmino/Fellaini/Dybala Rooney/Chicharito/Wilson

  4. Patric shikali says:

    Why van gal dont want to use rafael eny more?

  5. Yaredo says:

    Every thing seems great,just one thing carrick is the best choice in that position,i would Rather choose carric than felani

  6. There’s no need for more signing. Man U should just get Sami Khedira and Depay and forget about signing a defender.too many signing is not good for a team as it causes exit for good players just the way Pogba left. We have Raphael, Valencia and McNair as right back then what else does Man U need again for a right back. We have Chicharito, rooney, angelo Henriquez, james Wilson as strikers. Den what else do u need for a striker? Man U need a hard tackling defensive midfielder as Dejong is a tempory fix for that position.

  7. simon says:

    I support dat idea man u don’t need so many player one defender one mifielder one winger n one striker I thing it will be ok

  8. SEUN OF U.A.E says:

    I like all your comments here but permit me to add this Manutd can sign as much as they want as long as if LVG can use them well without any player feeling cheated to be on bench EPL is a long season and let not forget this players are human too if Man utd are to Qualify back for champions League then it wise to sign replacement or bring up from the academy reason why spanish players or Germans outshines in CL is that there league is not as tedious unlike England I think to keep players fit in champions league they need to be rest to avoid fatigue playing FA cup Carling cup Capital one Europa CL etc and still expect players to perform at there best season to season for 5 years will continue to kill English football and mars players performance on field Yaya Sachez ozil are dropping in form today bcos of the physicality of EPL and sometimes team need not to be too Dependent on a particular player in case of crucial injury or Ego starts to set in

  9. Godie Godie says:

    We need two centeral defenders, one midlefielder, and one stricker United will be hot.

  10. Excellent Larry A says:

    For me Smalling is better than Jones and Rojo, he should be paring with Jones as Rojo has problem of height.
    Smalling and Jones are just perfect as center backs, again they have been doing well recently.

  11. trevor says:

    We should do what Mourimo does. If there is a ppsition where the manager thinks he can prove the team by buying someone better in any position he should do so.
    If you let the team go stagnent like Fergie we will end up like last seaspn

  12. markos haile says:

    By any means smalling is better player and he has to stay

  13. Ibrahim kamara says:

    All your comments are in place but for me smalling and rojo have been best partnership in the central of the defense though rojo is little bit of height problem but he is up for task.
    de gea
    rafael/ alves smalling/ hummels rojo/jones blind/shaw
    valencia/januzaz carrick/strotman harrera/mata di maria/young
    with this formation united will return to glory days

  14. chike says:

    Its not a bad one but I think smalling and carrick are not done yet and fellaini has proven to be more effective playing further on the pitch. So he should be tussling for a place with firminho.we need a replacement for carrick as the closest remains blind.maybe we bid for strootman.UP MAN U

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