20:30 Pandurii Targu Jiu – Dinamo Bucharest

  • CS Pandurii Targu Jiu is in the middle of the standings in the Romanian Liga I (10th position / 8-8-12 33-36), but with only three points advantage in front of the teams in the relegation zone, which makes this match quite important for the home team, considering the fact that CS Pandurii Targu Jiu has tough schedule in the last six rounds of the season, with four games against teams that are currently in the upper half of the league table.

  • The hosts lost twice in the last two rounds (0-0-2 1-3), but it doesn’t changes the fact that CS Pandurii Targu is a team, whose potential is above the average level for the standards of this league, as the club signed with some good and experienced players during the break.

  • FC Dinamo Bucuresti is a team with various problems in this moment.

  • It’s obvious, that the visitors are far from their best shape in this moment, having won only once in the last seven rounds, with three draws and three defeats in this period (1-3-3 3-6).

  • FC Dinamo Bucuresti is already without chances to win a quota for the European tournaments, motivation of the players is under serious question and what is even more important: the president of the club (Constantin Anghelache) and the general manager (Daniel Stanciu) left the club yesterday.

  • Considering the current situation, I expect that the hosts will benefit from the problems of their opponent and will manage to win three important points from this clash.

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