20:00 Japan – Poland

I dont understand why this odd on Japan??

Poland just arrived from Division IB and immediately are favorites against the team that is already a few years established itself in Division IA. Poles only they have the advantage of home ice and fans, but even that did not help them because they lost to the Italians 1: 2 in the first game.. and Italians play with lot of young players.

I watched one game and I noticed that Japan have superb gliding, on several occasions the attackers Japan preklizali Hungarian guards and they were in fair chances to score but lacked the finishing touch. Basically it will slip believe to be one of the main factors the Japanese, if you fail to take advantage of and if Fukufuji in goal again is great and the Hungarians (not he too was guilty of received goals), then the Japanese have a good chance.

For me Japan is little betterteam..and this 3,73 is bookie's error. Big value!

Good Luck!

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