19:10 Norway – Croatia

Another in my opinion small margin.Croatia are one of best teams among handball world but in last World Championship they were bad realy bad and get new coach after that Zeljko Babic brest Meshkov coach to be honest do not how much he is the right person to be there but time will say.If look in team they all well covered with two players in every position maybe a small blow will be that Ivic goalkeeper is out but his replace Pesic was in good form and there is Alilovic also mostly all players in national squad play in top clubs in Europe.Norway are good squad but when look on players they are no even close to Croatian ones but this is team sport where team wins and not individuals most of players play in Germany Bundesliga what means have enough quality and motivation for sure for this match will have.Think that Croatia will win here as players will want to impress new coach also Norway do not have to worry to much as they are n easy grouo as turkey and Netherlands do not have to much chances to get 2nd place

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