19:00 Mariana Duque Marino – Julia Glushko

Julia Glushko will play against Mariana Duque Marino in quarter-final at WTA Bogota ( clay court )

Mariana Duque Marino is from Colombia,she is currently ranked at No134 in the WTA list. She has 25-years-old. Mariana has played 10 times in this tournament in her carreer and she wins the title in this tournament in 2010

On other side the 25-years-old Julia Glushko is tennis player from Israel,she is currently No. 128 in the world rankings. Julia
has played once in this tournament so far in the qulaification-third round in 2011.

Mariana Duque Marino play at home so my Tip is she will win in this match.

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I'm really really lucky

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