17:00 Osijek – Zadar

Croatia, 1. HNL, 29. round, 17:00h

Big fight here expected. Both teams are fighting to avoid relegation. Zadar stands little better as they have 3 pts more and a point here will be huge, as they will still had 3 pts more and in case of being tied at the end, they will be above Osijek because of better H2H.

Osijek started second part of season very good, but then big fall in their game. They have only 2 draws in last 5 games, against Rijeka at home and Lokomotiva away. What is good, is that in last 2 matches they were much better opponent, despite losing against Slaven 2-1 and this draw later. Osijek's coach Susak said that today just total offensive gets into consideration. They will have attacking trio Vojnovic-Perosevic-Aneff start the match. Only Mesanovic out (bookings).

Zadar started played really well under Stimac, they are in great form, 3 wins, draw and lose in last 5 is good achievement for them. All wins are very important, against Istra and Slaven in fight for staying in league and last one over Lokomotiva 1-5, but Loko coach said that they played like sh*t and anybody will crush them in match like that. Anyway 3 penalties were in that match for Zadar. There are rumors that referees are pushing on Zadar's side and in at least 3 matches help them a lot. Against Istra penalty and red card for Istra after questionable foul, against Osijek in last match penalty which haven't been for 1-1 and directly afect on final score. At the top of everything in win over Slaven goal scored with hand. This is just to much and they must be under watching now. They will be without D.Misic (bookings). Stimac said before this match that will be happy with point, but will try to attack.

In H2H in most of matches hosts win. However Osijek haven't lost from Zadar at home in last 12 years and that was only Zadar's win here. Total 22 Osijek wins, 3 draws and 1 Zadar win in Gradski vrt. 61-12 is goal difference in this matches and shows huge Osijek's domination in these encounters. Last 2 matches here were 4-1 and 4-0, even Osijek was also this weak as now. Here without referees help, just by performance on court, Osijek is big favourite. GL.

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