16:30 Travnik – Sarajevo

Here we have one of the most important game of the season for Sarajevo, visiting one of the weaker teams in the league Travnik is currently 12 out of 16 teams in the standings 5 ​​points more than the place that leads to a series of league goal difference of 17-28 in their guests coming team with the best attack League 38-13 goal difference of Sarajevo, Sarajevo from the last 7 games at home has five wins in the last 2 games are not won as a disaster considering what financial strength and toys when they have the conditions in BH league when it comes to meeting these 2 teams of the last 11 games, Sarajevo win 9 games, unresolved and 1 win Travnik back in 2012 and last 2 games Sarajevo got away with the same result 2-3 6 goals are cramming in 2 matches what is good for them because today will play a lot better defense and may not receive a single goal as a club Sarajevo will be no problem to give one or more goals to win, what will the question that titles around Sarajevo can still win if he won all his matches to the end regardless of the results of the first-ranked Shiroki.

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