14:40 Dustin Brown – Andrey Kuznetsov

Brown against Kuznetsov

I play here on younger player, Kuznetsov, because he is in better form.

He play good in Casablanka, Kuznetsov have two QF here. Andrey is only 91 in the world but is very talented. He has already 24 years old, but I still think that there is still time to achieve more than some think. Clay his favorite surface, although not avoiding any but the most ground game. On the other hand, he is an entertainer Dustin Brown who was in the first round of Q Miami got Rama after 6 weeks without a win and four losses in a row. But already in the second qualifying round was defeated. Brown is the player on and flashes when it goes can beat better players Kuznetsova but somehow I do not believe that tomorrow could get that flash because it is very bad form, 4/9 does not inspire much hope and for 30 years has been on the back so it is not easy to play on the ground when you're not 100% ready.

For me Russian is favorite. Good Luck!

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