14:30 Lucchese – Ancona

Lucchese vs Ancona:

7. Ancona 34 12 14 8 40:35 50

8. Lucchese 34 12 11 11 41:37 47

I play this because of situation in away team. Coach of Ancona decided to provide an opportunity for young players.
The oldest player have 21 year Also, they have absences: Papon, Tavares, Cogngni, CamillucciI, Mallus, Di Ceglie, D'Orazi, Dierna and Tulli.

Also, president of Ancona is in jail for criminal. For me enough to try on Lucchese..i think home team after losing last game away, will take a win at home in front of their own fans.

Good Luck!

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