14:00 Wormatia Worms – Elversberg

Worms in 7th place in the standings with 39 points (12 3 12 40:42) but is in bad shape, and a series of four defeats in a row with a goal difference of 3:11, and in the last round away to overrun of the Waldorf 5: 1, and before that at home with 4: 1 of Freiburg U23, which means that the last two games even received 9 goals. In this game will have problems with the composition of the team, not because the suspended first goalkeeper Paterok (gk, 24), Maas (def, 23/4), Saitama (mid, 24/3) and Loechelt (MID, 24/2) and injured Himmel (mid 22), Mehring (mid, 4/1) and Hiemeleers (mid 12), so I do not think that will change.

Elvesberg last season dropped from 3.Bundesliga and judging by the results achieved in the regional league, they want to be this season there and back. Are currently in 3rd place in the standings with 57 points (18 3 6 46:18) and fight to win the first two places in 3.Bundesliga water, and 2 points behind the other Saabrickenom (which on Monday hosted Kaiserslautern U23). In this game will not play injured captain Timo Wenzel (def, 26) and suspended Matthias Cuntz (mid, 25/3).

H2H is in favor Elversberg, 4 wins, 2 draws and 1 victory Worms, with a goal difference 9:7.

I hope you will take advantage Elversberg poor form of Worms and the problems that have to do with the composition of the team and to win, because their points needed in the fight to win the first two places at the table water 3.Bundesliga.

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