11:00 Pedja Krstin – Yann Marti

This is a game that is played in the 2nd round for the ATP challenger tournament in french city of St.Brieuc on hard court.Will play the serbian player Krstin (ATP 269) and swiss player Marti (ATP 303).What concerns the Krstin he is a player who is best when playing on clay courts.This season he is on score of 1/1.On other hand Marti is player who is best on hard court.This season his score on hard courts is 2/5.In this match i expect 1st set for Marti.

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  1. aco71 says:

    http://www.flashscore.com/match/x2ZnH3y4/#match-summary this Tip is not WIN result was 2-0 for Krstin ..

  2. bergamo says:

    This is win match Marti win 2-0 per sets http://www.rezultati.com/utakmica/MgLubwxB/#detalji

    1:6 2:6

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