04:30 LA Clippers – San Antonio Spurs

Clippers vs Spurs.. play-off first game

For me best game from 1st round of play-off

I must take Tim Duncan here because he always play good in play-off.

Reasons why I take Tim in this game.. first, Duncan is rested in regular season a lot.He played in regular season about 25 minutes and now Duncan will not be seeing on the floor below 32-33 minutes.
Secondly, the Clippers are a team just for his liking, so bad in defense with two very naive players in the paint (Griffin and Jordan) and duncan can solve them very easy on the experience. Also, in regular season. Duncan is in three of the four games go over this margin and if we look only at those two matches what was played in LA then there are 2 of the second he scored 30 and 18 in those two games.
I must take this, because Duncan can score and 20+ points tonight, and in next game margin will be bigger.

Good Luck!

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