04:30 Anaheim Ducks – Winnipeg Jets

Anaheim is a physical team, but the Jets play a physical style too, an aggressive style of hockey with big hits by defensemen Dustin Byfuglien, Jacob Trouba and their teammates. Anaheim may have won the division but it has not been a dominant season, ranked #28 on the power play, #15 in penalty killing and #20 in goals allowed. They outscored their opponents by just 10 goals, by far the lowest of the division leaders. By contrast. Winnipeg outscored opponent by +20. The Jets are 4-0 against a team with a winning record and 6-1 against the Pacific Division. Winnipeg is #10 in the NHL in goals allowed and comes into the postseason hot, on a 4-1 run. The Winnipeg fans and the city are sky high for this playoff series, the first since 1996. Winnipeg has toughness, momentum and what's expected to be a massive home-ice advantage when the series shifts to Manitoba next week, so grab the talented and hungry dog that matches up well. Play Winnipeg in game one.

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