03:30 San Antonio Spurs – LA Clippers

Spurs vs Clippers – 3th game score 1:1

In the last game of the rivals, I also played the Spurs victory, then they play away, and they complied with me, made a break, and tonight I expect victory by Spurs and to get a lead in this series.
Clippers play good, but San Antonio have a team that plays together for years, they know what they want, they have great chemistry within the team, led by the best coach today, and just do not see any reason that tonight and do not overcome the Clippers in front of their fans.

After lose in last game when they had victory in their hands, I think Clippers have less psychic advantage then Spurs.

When play home, San Antonio lose very rarely, and i expect easier win then in last game.

Good Luck!

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