03:30 Houston Rockets – Dallas Mavericks

Most interesting match tonight between the Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks at the Toyota Center. Duel between two equal teams which will decide or Harden with one or Ellis on the other side. I have decided for Harden because he is God and beating in his team.
Behind Harden is fantastic season, one of the best in his career 27.4 points on average and second scorer behind Westbrook. He led Houston to a fantastic second place, without Howard who was injured for a long time, without the right teammates. Oh it does not need to waste words, everything is already known in advance, Harden is a master of enforcers offense and expect him tonight and at least 6-7 times the free throw line. I expect of course that forces, in this close game players will have to pull well Rockets came to triumph.
Dallas is that the defense is concerned totally bad, specifically with the position of SG receive 21 points. To master what is Harden, no defense is not a problem, especially Ellis who is just facing the attack and very little thinking on defense.
This season, Harden against Dallas was thrown 32,17,24 and 26 points. Here will have a lot more pull, especially in the final stages when awaits us uncertain struggle.

For me this margin 26,5 is gift tonight. Some local bookies have 30,5 margin for Harden.

Good Luck!

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