02:00 New Orleans Pelicans – Phoenix Suns

New Orleans Pelicans will play in King Centerplay against Phoenix Suns. Until just a few days these two teams have struggled with Oklahoma in last position leading into the playoffs. However bad results of Phoenix were kicked out of the race and this will be one of them for recreational games. On the other hand the hosts were surpassed and Oklahoma and are now in 8th place. Certainly they win gold here is valuable because they have the same ratio as well as Oklahoma and these two teams will fight in these last 4 rounds for the eighth position.
Phoenix in the last 7 meetings has only one victory and six defeats, while in the same period Pelicans have five triumphs and two defeats.

NO with complete team, only Holiday is out.

They are in better form, better team, much more motive Pelicans have tonight and i expext one easy win for home team.

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