01:30 Washington Capitals – New York Islanders

Although I expected from Capitals to end this before, however, continued as usual (1 or 2 round with them must come in the seventh game).
The last home they get 5-1.
I result indicates how many were good, but in all forums all agreed that it was their best game of the season.
Again they started cautiously as they can not answer.
These are NYI advantage and took the lead at the start.
Not a lot of waiting for the response of the host.
First they again sent Wilson to someone down, he quickly flew to the penalty box but the player Islanders also. After 5 minutes everything changed. 1-1 after 10-odd minutes, and Islanders are slowly withdrawn. Backstrom then the rhythm and 80% in the faceoff duels went to him.In the final Islanders lose control of the puck and forecheck and there. 2/3 Caps still rising rhythm and Islanders can no longer get out of my third. Shoots are Halaku where it arrives, and he refuses almost all around. Defence without two solid quarterback getting harder and buy pakove.Iceing their only solution for larger break.

After Kuzya who scored first goal and backs move with shock.
After all, more or less tried their shot, Alzner move for the lead.
18 SOG Capsa in that 2/3 tells all about domination.
Should be taken not to complicate what in the last 20 minutes. hosts continue in the same rhythm. Halak fell apart after 35 SOG and 5 Pak in the goals, coach pulls him to the bench.
Last match they tried again more cautious, which is not so bad because the pressure was on the NYI.

Washington is in the last game had a chance to win and realize the semifinals, however, did not allow Islanders. They now have a new chance, in front of their fans. If this game as the last match in his hall, then there will be problems. However, we do not believe that the Islanders could be for such a match. However,I give a slight edge to Washington because playing in his hall where they will have a great support of fans.

Good Luck!

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