01:00 San Antonio Spurs – Golden State Warriors

Spurs vs Warriors, two maybe best teams in this momment and i expect great match.

If the Spurs want to win then Leonard must to be real, and under the "real" I mean more than 20 points.

I expect 35+ minutes in this match for Leonard.. Barnes and Iguodalu are good defenders, but not good enough to stop Leonard. Gordon Hayward 2x 20+ score against Warriors.why not expect the same from Kahwi? One of the best 1-1 player. Leonard in the two matches against GS gave 19 and 12 of these 12 is given in a match in which he played only 19 minutes because of blowout, partly because of problems with fauls. Kawhi at home playing much better..home gives even 18.2 on average and is generally the third month when the figures rose in this period gave 19 on average.

For me value bet.. Good Luck!

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  1. Milan says:

    My tip is K.Leonard 17,5 over

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