00:30 Ituano SP – Portuguesa SP

The first game in the second phase Cup, rematch plays 29.04.

Portuguesa is in financial crisis, with huge debts, players' salaries are irregular and by the Labour Court blocked all their activities until payment of all obligations. The club are hoping that they can qualify for the next round of the Copa, because it would thus receive a monetary award that would enable them to payment of players' salaries bar. They brought in a new coach, Junior Lopez, who will take over the club after this game, so it will be on the bench tonight assistant coach Gerson Sodre, who declined to give any statement about the composition of the team. They're in bad shape and the last 9 games are not won (4 draws and 5 losses).



Ituano plays in Serie D and in the 1st Round of the Copa was better than Joinville (3: 0 at home and 0: 1 in the second leg), so I hope the players are full of confidence and will continue to do so and, especially as playing at home . In this game will play Jonathan Lima (mid, 7) and Claudinho (att, 11/1).

.H2H: So far they have played 32 matches and Ituano won 16 times, while 8 were draws and 8 times win Portuguese. The last four matches between the two teams, all within Campionata Paulista, were completed in a draw, 3 times 0:0 on the ground and one Ituana 1:1 on the ground Portuguese.

I hope that Ituano after elimination from the Cup Joinville, who play in Serie A, continue with good performances and at home to achieve a win against a team which is in financial crisis. What will happen in the second leg, that's another story ….

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