Wenger will Never Change but wants Football to Change for Him

Arsene Wenger UpsetArsenal have been one of the most consistent teams in the Champions League, one that rarely wins titles but well at least plays Europe’s elite competition every year.
Once again, Gunners failed to qualify for the last eight of the Champions League as Monaco ensured that the North Londoners were ousted in Round of 16 for the 5th year running.
Previously, they faced Euopean giants in the form of Barcelona and Bayern Munich. However, this time around, Gunners were considered favorites against a Monaco side who are playing their first CL campaign in years but well Arsenal were eliminated on away goal rule.
The French manager somehow believes now that the away goal rule is unfair and it should be changed. Wenger claimed:

“Two English teams have gone out on away goals and that should be questioned.”
“The rule was created in the 1960s to favour attacking teams but football has changed.”

Words from a frustrated man who could not get his way and then whines about it. This is not the first time though that he has complained.
Arsene is not a fan of January transfer window and also proposed the idea of that market to be scrapped.
Wenger likes to talk about how football should change for him while he refuses to change one bit. His philosophy of running Arsenal is outdated and has been the main reason why Arsenal have not progressed and gone downhill since the days of the Invincibles.
One FA Cup title in the past decade and the same old excuses of transfers and not being consistent in the league but no, he will not change and wants the game to change as per his requirements.
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  1. Luke says:

    Wenger has a point. He loves football, and tries to keep the game beautifull and trully competative, instead of based on calculative tactics. Extra time included in total score, and the away goal rule do not contribute to the competition. The rules should pave the way for a more successfull sides to pass. Logical dilemma is: why is it less worth scoring more goals in home game, than conceeding less in an away game?

  2. amith says:

    Wenger has changed football.. he’s not only the reason why we’re still a good team but also practically the reason why you started supporting arsenal in the first place.. so stop criticising him and try supporting the club once in a while

  3. Jack gunner says:

    The headline is spot on.This is a guy who is not only a bad loser but tactically naïve. When he lose
    he blames everybody.He shd look at the mirror. His repeated losses to the rf and Chelsea wer e because he
    made himself and Arsenal too predictable.kamaikaze on the attack and too hell with the defence.
    I believe Arsenal will never win the cl with him unless he changes his tactical approach.

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