Manchester United AGREE to Complete Superstar Transfer

Manchester United David de GeaManchester United need to strengthen their squad next summer by bringing in quality players.
What is more important is that they must hold on to the world class players they already have.
However, the latest reports suggest other wise as Manchester United may end up losing this season’s best player in the form of goalie David de Gea.
The Spanish international is the main reason why Manchester United are still in the top four as he saved the Red Devils many a times when their poor defense had the team in trouble.
According to Metro, Manchester United agree to sell their prized asset to Real Madrid in the summer transfer window.
Real Madrid have been in search of a long term replacement of  legendary captain Iker Casillas and the former Atletico Madrid star tops their wish list.
United did sign Victor Valdes in the winter transfer window but it remains to be seen whether former Barcelona goalie will be the first choice or will United buy a new goalie from the funds of De Gea’s Sale.
De Gea’s departure will surely be a massive blow for the Red Devils as he is arguably one of the best goalies in the world at the moment.
De Gea Sale

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  1. Kelvin Bravo says:

    One of the most important players in man utd is David De Gea which i think he is the saviour for Man utd in the top four.He must not be sold to anyone or make a move because this magnificient player can become the best goalie in world in Man utd history with the likes of Vandersar,Schimichel and others.He is very important to us and he has more years ahead of him whicch he can win many trophies to become a great legend.

  2. michael edet etim says:

    Man utd should buy these players to win champions league next season
    Goalkeeper: ochoea(Mexico)
    Defender: hummels, clyne, coleman, dante, godin, marquinhos.
    Midfielders: vidal, sniedjer, modric, pedro, depays, debruyne.
    Strikers: cavani, lewandoski, lacakazette, son

  3. Obi says:

    Nonsense look elsewhere or swap him with cassilas.

  4. Ivan RK Yiga says:

    Dont be stupid united to let one of our best players go. are we madrid’s academy?

  5. neo says:

    De Gea should stay. We should add up with Hummels, schaar, Rodriguez, Robben/Reus, modric/isco, depay/Bale, Cavani/Diabala/Ibrahimovic. Am sure Ibra will wanna live Paris

  6. Mandeh Conteh says:

    Van Gaal will not even think about that. Holding on to big players is what makes a big team. We are not Arsenal to lose big players every year and only fight for fourth place. Please don’t sell him, instead sell Van Gaal he is the problem.

  7. Benardoyat says:

    Man Utd u buy quality players and give them chance to play the like of Cavani, Memphis Depay, M Hummels, Dybala etc

  8. jason katelehingo says:

    Van Gaal is very stupid, Moyes better even though was not perfect well. Van gaal want the club to just finish fouth or third like arsenal which is very stupid, lossing to arsenal at FA CUP it make it clear that van gaal is weak, look at a big rule done man united buy big name and finish four or five what a big hellrule.

  9. bode says:

    Selling De Gea will be the greatest mistake for man utd which they can never regain in life.It will make the Team even worst than this,i.e we shall be expecting number 11/12 if not relegation.

  10. Alapo says:

    If man utd allow David De Gea to leave then it is not only Vangal that is a fool, the executives and the whole management are also fools. That’s what they did to Paul Pogba and now is Dave’s turn. It is good we keep the guy forget Bale and go for Ronaldo the later is far better than the formal at any price. CR7; man utd for life.

  11. Norbert mupepetwa says:

    We don’t want nonsence here. Van gaal is a foul and is stupid i thing his brain doesn’t function well. Don’t sell that guy he is our asset.

  12. Benardoyat says:

    Suposing a team wants to progres then club look for a quality players but now our De Gea David is up to a level of a super Golie instead of bringing other super to defence, striking line, midfield, wing and go ahead win title up to champion but u to sell away super De Gea please please stop that we r not acedemy to any club am anoid

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