AGREED – Arsenal to Finally Sign €34million Star

Morgan Schneiderlin SouthamptonArsene Wenger wasted two transfer windows and could not lure a much needed strong quality defensive midfield star.
Arsenal supporters have had enough of the defensive turmoil costing them during the course of the season and mainly in Europe.
Coquelin has been a decent DM in the side, much better option than Arteta and Flamini but surely he is not the world class needed for that position.
Wenger did sign young Bielik but again, he is not the answer. The latest reports though do give Arsenal fan some reason to be delighted.
According to Metro, Arsenal’s long term target Morgan Schneiderlin is set to sign for the Gunners in the summer transfer window.
The 25 year old French international has been impressive for Southampton in the past two seasons and have attracted interest from top clubs.
As per the provided link, personal terms have already been agreed between Schneiderlin and Arsenal and only the fee is left to be agreed for the transfer which is around €34 million.
Schneiderlin has been one of the key players in Southampton’s surge for top 4 places and without his solid presence in front of defense, Saints would not have had the best defense in the league.
Morgan will surely go straight into the Arsenal starting lineup and provide them much needed stability in midfielder and defensive third. Fans will be devastated if somehow Arsenal miss out on signing him in summer.
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  1. Adiga says:

    he has kept us waiting fruitless promise

  2. Gab says:

    This should have happened since. This position made arsenal among the worst defence in the league. Is an urgent issue to address.

  3. Humphrey joe says:

    Is it a crime for arsenal Wenger to sign player from any country other than France?

    • Dylan says:

      He only recently confirmed his allegiance mate. prior to that and when Wenger was first interested he was still undecided between England and France. His nationality has nothing to do with Wengers interest

  4. Dylan says:

    Why is it that Coq is not the world class mid we’ve been looking for…? Oh right because we already have him. Morgans a good player but in terms of ability they’re both about the same. We dont need the Southampton man. What we need is another defender to replace the probably soon to be departing Mert.

  5. Francis muteti says:

    Without doubt wenger should rush for the guy couz he has ability to command both the defensive and midfield which arsenal have been lacking in the past.

  6. John Abraham says:

    Many Arsenal fans, including myself, do not appreciate what we have. I just read an article that lays bare the stats of Coquelin’s work since he became a first team regular for Arsenal. The guy is a machine and an efficient one at that. Do we need a Schinederlin? Sure, but not becasuse the Coq is not a world class player. What rubbish!! Francis maybe be too young to carry all the burden but getting another GOOD DM is for depth not because he is not good enough.

  7. Emeka ify says:

    Francis coqlin is good enough, but the quection is that, if he get injure do we have replacement for him? Both can take middlefield role

  8. Arnold says:

    Coq is good enough to be Arsenal’s backup for the DM role and I don’t think this southampton man is the answer to our problems. Firstly let’s see what Coq lack; the ability to organise the defence, distribute ball, dictate the pace of the game and initiate an attack, which a quality world class holding mildfielder can do….hope he improves. Song is still a better option to Morgan likewise Hamsik and Khedira.

  9. Samuel A Turay Makeni Sierra Leone. says:

    It is better to add one player so that coq will have time to rest. Please Wenger do it fast because our critics will be shamed.

  10. Panther says:

    Arsenal need another strong DM to go with Coquelin for next season. Arteta has done a amicable job as a utility DM however I feel it’s time for Arsenal to move on and and get a natural DM.

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