22:00 Milos Raonic – Rafael Nadal

Milos Raonic is in great shape and has a 10/2 on hard this season, and won him only Federer and Djokovic in the background just missing and so Nadal to complete the series of three best who can beat Raonic on hard. Nadal has won the title three times here, one was in the final four times in the semifinals. Here he had to defend third round and it was no problem and made. So far not lost a set in the tournament. He bad going into the season but now is getting better and better in the apparent upswing form. Raonic has not managed to get was hoping though they already played each other five times, and it was 5-0 for Nadal, 4 times on hard. I expext one more for Rafa. Good Luck!

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