21:00 Borac Banja Luka – Metalurg Skopje

Well odds here are really nice as Metalurg is not in best shape and now are only average team with most of players youngsters and some new average players but they play against Borac BL and this team of Borac is not that strong they are also average team in SEHA. Yes maybe they have some good results recently and for Metalurg this will be 3rd match in last 6 days but think that Metalurg has enough quality to not lose with big difference watch them in last match against Nexe they lose that match because made a lot of technical mistakes ,missed 3-4 shoots from 7 metars and that costs them defeat in that match also this match is very important for them as they fight with Nexe for that 6th place because with that will have chance to play in Final 4 in SEHA as will play with 3rd placed in league.

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