20:45 Parma – Torino

Udinese vs Fiorentina 13. Udinese 26 8 8 10 29:34 32 5. Fiorentina 27 12 9 6 39:29 45 Like we see Udinese dont have much good season.They have 8 wins in 26 games and ew points. They are on the middle od the table..in the safe zone,but thet dont have chance for Europe next season. Fiorentina much better than Udine this season. With 12 wins and 13 points more they are on 5th place and they take a battle for Europe. They play good ,in Europe league they win easily Roma with 3-0. Firenca need much more points than Udinese,but i think they dont win today. They arw little tired , also if we look we can see between this two teams in many case win home team. Anf today i will try with suprise..i play on Udinese. Good Luck!

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