20:15 Kickers Wurzburg – Schweinfurt 05

  • Wurzburger Kickers won only one point in the visit in Buchbach in the last round (TSV Buchbach – Wurzburger Kickers 0-0 on 15.03.2015), but it happened against good team like TSV Buchbach and what is also important for my bet – this team shows far better football in its games at this stadium (10-1-1 34-6), compared with its away games since the beginning of the new season (6-6-0 14-5).

  • The hosts have won ten of their previous twelve games at “Kickers-stadion Am Dallenberg”, as half of those twelve encounters were won with three or even more goals difference, including the last match here against SV Heimstetten on March 6 (Wurzburger Kickers – SV Heimstetten 4-1 on 06.03.2015).

  • Unlike their opponents, the visitors are in the bottom half of the standings in the Regionalliga Bayern (14th position / 7-6-12 33-43), with only two points advantage in front of the teams in the relegation zone.

  • It’s obvious, that the overall potential of 1. FC Schweinfurt 05 is far below the potential of Wurzburger Kickers and this, together with the fact that the Green-Whites started the second part of the season in awful shape (0-0-3 1-7) are the two main reasons for my bet.

  • Wurzburger Kickers took a 2-0 victory in the first match between these two teams this season (1. FC Schweinfurt 05 – Wurzburger Kickers 0-2 on 07.10.2014), but I expect even bigger victory for the home team in this clash.

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