20:00 Sport Huancayo – Inti Gas Deportes

Let us first write the rules Copa Inca. They play three groups (A, B and C), go to the next phase group winners and one best-ranked team to win second place. This is the match of the Group C, Huancayo remaining two, a Inti Gas or Ayacucho FC huchu this is the last game. The table of group C, the first Huancayowith 15 points (5 0 1 9:4), the second Alianza Lima with 13 points (4 1 1 13:4) and is currently the best ranked runners-up, while the third Union Comercio with 11 points (3 2 1 10:6), and the three teams will decide the winner of the group.

Inti Gas or Ayacucho FC is currently in 4th place with 4 points and this game for them has any significance, because they do not have a chance to join the race to qualify for the next stage, regardless of the final result. A few days ago they brought in a new coach, Fredy Garcia, but I do not think he will make a difference in the short term.

For the hosts, Huancayo is quite important because they provide placement victory in the next stage, regardless of whether it will be the first or second in the group, as it would with 18 points were unreachable for other teams, and calmly waited to the last round when visiting Alianza.


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