20:00 Arles – Ajaccio GFCO

I hardly see Arles surviving this season and I don't see Gazelec being promoted, either.
Hosts with improvement this year, appointed great coach Zvunka and made good transfers. Last week won first away game of the season against probably the only weaker team than them – Chetearaux.
Ajaccio flying way too high imo. They are a limited squad, not much quality individually in players (actually their team is 1.5 times less worth than Arles), tight budged and stadium with… 4000 seats capacity. I can't see them enduring the fight with Brest, Dijon, Angers. Even Sochaux is a greater candidate to reach League1 imo.
I see this as a rather balanced game having in mind minor problems with injuries and suspensions for both teams with fair odds for this line around 1.90. Big raise here from 2.00 to 2.23 which I would gladly take.

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