19:30 Rungsted Cobras – Herning Blue Fox

Fourth match in playoffs Rungsted leads 2-1.
I like the odds here in regular season Herning was on 1st place and they choose Rungsted to be their opponent but that as result show after first 3 meetings that could be very wrong decision.As reports say for first match Rungsted deserve to win that match and after that in second they were without their best player and best forward and another one who was suspended so Rungsted take that lead with 2-0.In third match Herning won with 2-1 but as stats say best player on ice was Rungsted goalie Kalemba and thats why they lost with only 2-1 on that match. For tommorow s match in Herning are back Kalus after suspension and Eriksson best player who played in last match but now will be fitter and in better condition.They can not allow themselves to lose this match as than will be in very difficult situation to win other 3 games quality is on their side and expect to show that.

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