19:00 Sparta Sarpsborg – Storhamar

Fourth match and probably the last one as Storhamar already leads 3-0 in semifinal in playoff.This is very interesting to see such odds to be honest maybe if there is something that dont know maybe some injuries but I will try to win some money on this game.This is their 9th meeting this season and Storhamar won all of them in past 8 meetings.In playoffs Storhamar in first match won 9-3 even Sarpsborg lead after first period in second situation was nearly the same Sarpsborg leads 4-1 and on last 8 minutes they recive 3 goals and in over time lose the game in third match again they fall in last 10 minutes of the game they lead 2-0 and then in third period again lose with 3-0 and result was 3-2 at the end.They probably fall on physical in last period and now after those games lost on that way who know how will that reflect on them so again will try on Storhamar to finish their job here.

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