18:15 Al Khor – Al Jaish

I will try today one tp with big odd.

Qatar Premier league – match between Al Khor and Al Jaish:

10. Al Khor 20 6 7 7 29:37 25

3. Al Jaish 20 11 1 8 39:25 34

Much more important match for away team because they take a battle for 3th place , and Al Khor is sure. They are not in dengerous zone, also they are dont have chance for top of the table.

These two teams played one big turnover before two seasons. Al Jaish win that match after turnover.. after 0-1 in first half, they win match 3-1. Two penalties for them in that match..very suspecios for me. I think we can see something like that in today match, because Al Khor dont have any motive. Why not.. worth to try on this odd.

Good Luck!

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