18:00 Red Star Belgrade – Vojvodina

Checked and odds are 2.08 in 12/dafa.
Zvezda celebrating their anniversary and big support is expected. However, weatehr is far from perfect like anywhere in the Balkans which will not help much goals to be scored. Team may look better than last year in terms f quality but first two games didn't show it and they could have dropped even more points.
Vojvodina with an excellent attacking potential, players who can score and despite playing bad in last matchday, in the end they walked with anther 3 points and I believe they will give a tough battle for 3rd why not 2nd place.
If ref doesn't get involved this should be a big value, I would even say that if everything is clear we should have +0.75 with 1.90 but let's not be too brave and I will put just 5 stakes here.

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