17:00 Rapid Bucharest – Otelul Galati

Rapid Bucharest in the first part of the season played desperately, but did not have good conditions, is now all changed overnight, they got a new coach, a strong sponsors from Italy, new reinforcements of course, and whit money all is easier. Rapid is guaranteed to survive in the first division by the statements of many experts right from Romania, that includes all connoisseurs of football, starting with the coach until the small kids, Rapid is a team with a great reputation. Both teams are in the zone that leads to the second division, Rapid has a backlog of five points after the away team's defeat at the Astra, while Otelul by me confident traveler in the second league, as they have a backlog of nine points, three draws in a row, but until they do not win, nothing will do, any step further. I find it all here completely clear home win,odd is droping. I must take this. Good Luck

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