17:00 Caroline Garcia – Francesca Schiavone

In this match I play on Caroline Garcia, the french player who plays very godd and she is in rank of career (29th place) Garcia have 7/4 on hard this season. Garcia play good in Mexico..she played last week in Acapulco final and lost in two sets. But the two players were turned over to her earlier in the tournament, Sharapova and Lucic and she had an easier task. However, I think that Garcia has the knowledge and desire and that can get a bit old Schiavone.

Francesca have only 2/4 score this season, holds the 70th place and its time has passed. 13 years older than her opponent, but also much more experienced and you can be a double-edged sword. I think Garcia plays tennis career, and her ranking proves it, and final last week. I think it's certainly better prepared physically, and despite the finals at last year's tournament has not spent a lot because she had two traditions so it is not difficult time.

This is a match that Schiavone can win because she has the quality and experience, but the form is not her side. Also, she dont play like before, and Garcia was better prepared for this match and I hope that it will to show it on the field. I play on Garcia because I this odd is ok.

Good Luck!

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