03:30 LA Clippers – Charlotte Hornets

Clipers vs Hornets

I will take one player from this match..Mo Williams under 17 points.

Last night I had it to less than 15.5. When such a situation already was, then why at this border would not play another one under, with respect to any players go. Paul was a tough match-up anyone, and maybe it is repeated a thousand times, maybe some people do not agree, but to me it is PG no1 in both directions. The question is motivation for him. Basically, Williams figures will surely wane as time went on, because Kebma sure he's back and he's the number one option as PG. Perhaps the evening of performances as a starting Pleyel. Nevertheless, the limit for Williams at this point is high, and it will be up tonight to 15.5 with a quota of less than 1,85 … Except Zeller team are all ready, unless something happens to tonight, but this an opportunity not to be undone. Williams may be a public bet, however maybe not, but certainly, but it is time that we take with me some of that audience.

Good Luck!

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