03:00 Phoenix Suns – Golden State Warriors

Suns vs Warriors:

10. Phoenix Suns 64 31 2 4 27 6737:6708 0.516

1. Golden State Warriors 61 48 1 1 11 6699:6081 0.803

GSW leader of the Western Conference..the best team for me in this moment. They are complete fot this match.

Warriors play good on the road this season with the score 22-10.

Phoenix is now without key player Dragic and that is not the same team. Yes, now Knight is new player..and he is good but he still fits into the team.

Home team play very fast basketball..but for Golden State that is good. I expect a lot of points and easy win by Warriors because they are much better team.

Suns will have a lot of problems with Curry and Thompson. My prediction 5 or more for away team.

Good Luck!

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