01:30 Philadelphia 76ers – Atlanta Hawks

Sixers vs Hawks:

14. Philadelphia 76ers 62 12 1 2 47 5617:6261 0.210

1. Atlanta Hawks 61 49 0 1 11 6264:5878 0.803

What to say for this two teams. Phila one of the worst team in the league. Very bad form, 1 win in last 10 games!

They lost MCW and now they are worse than they were.

Atlanta, the biggest suprise this season. I was expecting them in the playoffs but to be the first on East..

Good team, great team spirit. They win match against Cavaliers lastnight and they are proved once again that they are in great form.

Hawks is much better team at each position..also they have better bench.

For me easy win for Atlanta is not questionable..and i expect big lead on half.

Good Luck!

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