01:30 Metropolitano Maringa PR – Madureira

Madureira was defeated only oen time in seven rounds of Statal Carioca, but for this match the team will be a lot reshuffled, with at elast seven changes.

Apart João Carlos ( att.3+2), and Thiago Galhardo (topscorer 3g), first injuruied, second banned, the trainer will introduce at elast seven changes to give rest to regulars thinking to big match on Sunday in Carioca against barra Mansa.

Among usual straters only keeper Jonathan, defender Daniel, and midfielders Gilson and Rodrigo Lindoso will be as starters tonight
Max (midf.4) is the only player doubtful for hosts.

Maringa has great motivation to win this match, qualified to Copa do Brasil after be second on statal paranaense last season, in spite to be a team founded only in 2010.

Also if various players of last season are gone, they have a good team with experienced players and can gain a win against second choices of Madureira

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