01:00 Milwaukee Bucks – Orlando Magic

Bucks vs Magic:

6. Milwaukee Bucks 63 30 3 1 29 6157:6093 0.524

13. Orlando Magic 65 19 2 1 43 6224:6596 0.323

Milwaukee Bucks play the best season in last few years, located on the 6th position, and let's say they are sure for play-off. Most responsible for this is Knight , but they trade him and for me that is very bad move. Without them Bucks are not a same team. Tonight OJ Mayo is questionable.

Orlando one average club..Vucevic, Oladipo, Harris surely can hold this game interesting.

For me, home team is not big favorite how bookies think..and i will take this handicap.

Magic not lose woth 10 differents. Good Luck!

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