00:30 Detroit Pistons – Memphis Grizzlies

Pistons vs Grizzlies:

12. Detroit Pistons 66 22 1 3 40 6461:6593 0.348

2. Memphis Grizzlies 67 43 4 1 19 6626:6384 0.701

Home team without their best player Monroe. Detroit has 10 losses in a row, and can not be compiled with the game, while the absence of Monroe only worsen the condition.
Jackson and Drummond are good players but rest of the team nothing special. Jackson will certainly have the space, a lot of shots will instruct but he is not the caliber of players to score 30 points and solve the game. Drummond will in turn be terribly well guarded in the paint by Gasol and Randolph so first in duplication.
Memphis is playing good, strong defense and a lot of quality solutions in the attack. Gasol and Randolph, Jeff Green, Mike Conley and the rest of the crew were safely in this match much better than the host.
This season, they played only once, Memphis is on its floor got 95:88. I think tonight Memphis will easy win.

Good Luck!

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