00:00 Vancouver Canucks – Toronto Maple Leafs

The Toronto Maple Leafs have had a season to forget and will draw a ton of criticism both on and off the ice once their regular season finishes and a trip to the West coast to battle playoff bound teams doesn’t help their cause at the moment. Toronto sits in third to last place in the Eastern Conference and are nine games under .500 but their mark on the road is a paltry 8-22-5 placing them ahead of just the Buffalo Sabres for futility away from home.
Vancouver hasn’t exactly been world beaters this season but they have been consistent and that is more than a lot of teams can say and in the Western Conference race it has been more than enough but they know they can’t take their foot off the gas until they have clinched a spot. The Canucks are a good team but not a great one but in this situation they only have to be good to beat the Maple Leafs and even that is stretching is as Toronto has been horrible since December. The Canucks should be able to take this one in a game they need to win.

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