00:00 Universidad de Chile – Audax Italiano

Universitad De Chile showing some quite nervousness in their games, a lot of yellow cards accumluated and three gaems in arow someone get red card.Last time this was Vidal who is out for this game which makes the defenisve line even worse – something which is costing them a lot so far in 2015. Also, they made the situation in Libertadores very complex and have to put everything 3 days later against The Stronegst so losing a point here won't be a big trouble.
Audax is a team worth backing this season having in mind what they showed. They have to worry about aggregate table but their display makes me think that they will manage well with the situation having in midn especially their strong well collabrating defensive line. Overall they are not far away from De Chile in terms of qualit but sometimes they make a big mess.
Recent clashes between these teams had been rather tight, Universitad always favourited but rarely get an easy game. I believe Audax has around 50 % chance to take a point having in mind some missings in both squads.

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